The staff and the entire wcNE team have a genuine desire to share God’s word and to help those in need. They keep people going and they give people hope! It’s always uplifting to attend workcampNE. The best part of camp is, without a doubt, the kids – their faith, smiles, laughter, hard work and maturity. I always leave camp with a renewed sense of hope, faith and life, which comes from the staff and kids, and what they do for their fellow campers, volunteers, and myself. In my opinion, workcampNE is the toughest vacation you’ll ever love.
— John, Troubleshooter
Everyone at camp was around my age, they were all honoring God, doing what He wanted, but they were still having a good time. I realized I could still follow God and have a good time.
— John, Camper
workcampNE is truly the highlight of my year. I have had the honor of being both an intern and a camper, and the relationships I’ve made and the experiences I’ve had have shaped both my life and relationship with God in the best ways. There’s no other way I’d rather spend my summer.
— Amanda, Camper/Intern
My wife and I first got involved in workcampNE in 2010 when our granddaughter heard about wcNE and wanted to go……we had such an uplifting experience that we agreed to be leaders the next year and have escorted a group every year since then. We truly believe in the mission and see the many ways that lives are changed by both those serving and those being served. We’re so committed to wcNE that we go even when there isn’t a group from church there. We support wcNE financially with monthly donations because we want the ministry to continue serving the needs of many people in our communities and to provide a safe and uplifting experience to the youth who provide the hands and feet to the work being done.
— Larry and Sue, Husband/Wife Ministry Partners
By joining arms with workcampNE you are connecting with an organization that:
-Is led by humble and faithful people
-Meets practical needs for the under-resourced, disabled and elderly
-Helps students and leaders ‘get’ what servant leadership is all about.
workcampNE changed my life and greatly influenced how I go about kingdom work in my community.
— Joel, Pastor
workcampNE has been such a blessing to me over the years. I have made so many new friends and it is truly humbling to see and hear about the life changing stories of the residents and campers. It is no surprise that past campers continue to come back because of the joy it brings us to work on peoples’ homes and God always meets us there.
— Lisa, Camper/Intern
To say workcampNE has been a place where my faith has been built up would not be doing it justice. I was in 8th grade my very first year of camp, and now as a sophomore in college I can still say, and perhaps with even more confidence, that workcampNE is relevant and life-changing to people of all ages and of all different walks because authentic servanthood does not tire (except maybe in the physical sense, but in the most satisfying way) and teaches us about love in the fullest sense. I am eternally grateful and eternally changed because of how God has used me in workcampNE and how God has used workcampNE in me.
— Christine, Camper
God speaks loud and clear at workcampNE. He will call you to put yourself aside in order to worship more, serve harder, and love bigger. workcampNE is one week out of the year to totally focus on God’s call to serve. It’s also a place that teaches you to not stop there.
— Emily, Youth Leader
workcampNE is designed to impact both the community and the students who participate – and succeeds! Every aspect of the experience is about growing in our understanding of God’s love for us and the outward expression of loving others in response. Lives cannot leave a workcampNE experience the same as they arrived!
— Steve, Youth Leader
workcampNE has been an excellent hands-on lesson for our kids of what Jesus meant when He said, ‘whatever you’ve done for the least of these you’ve done for me.’ You will be hard pressed to find a better short term missions experience for your teens.
— Paul, Youth Leader