A time to serve those in need and show the love of Christ in a very tangible way; such as painting, re-roofing or building, providing valuable home maintenance for the residents that they cannot do themselves. 

An opportunity to deepen your faith by tying in the day’s service with a meaningful time of worship. The evening service is exciting. There are games, a daily video, singing praises with the band, and being led by a gifted speaker who will challenge you to examine your relationship with God.

A time of community with a large group of fellow Christians who all desire the same outcome for the week! You will grow in faith and make many new friends from all over the country.

Check out our facebook page. You can…

  • Hear from your friends. Keep up with friends and fellow campers from past years, and see what’s going on with students from all over the country you haven’t met yet!
  • Win a $10 iTunes gift card with Marc’s Fun Facts. Every week you can weigh in on a question such as, “what’s your favorite movie?” and for each week you answer you win an entry into a monthly drawing for a free $10 iTunes gift card.
  • See pics from previous camps, and other happenings of camp. All of our photos are under the photos tab on our facebook page.