For youth groups, teams, organizations, or small groups entertaining the thought of using a weekend retreat to round out your fellowship, study time or leadership development, workcampNE is here to help provide you with the most rewarding experience possible.

Service opportunities can be planned for one, two, three, or more days and custom built to fit your needs. They are available using these three simple steps:

1. Choose Your Day(s) and Times - You determine the number of days, day(s) of the week, the amount of time per day and we’ll take care of the rest.

2. Choose the Location - Would you like us to travel to your home town, and serve a community on your heart? Or would you like to come to ours?

3. Choose a Budget and Skill Level - We will provide the work for your group to match your budget and skill levels. Careful planning on our part will ensure that no one feels overwhelmed, and the job is completed to everyone’s satisfaction.

Add Understanding to Application

For youth groups, church and ministry leaders: we will provide an evening of teaching to help grow your spiritual walk. Drawing upon the events of the day, we’ll tie in scripture to help your group better understand what God has in store for each of you.

For business teams: we will provide an evening of teaching to draw in the events of the day as key learning principles to apply within the context of your everyday business environment. Our staff has over 20 years of organizational development experience serving C-level executive teams, as well as the direct labor force.